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Tractor Mounted Auger

If you’ve got grain in flat storage, or outside in piles, you’ll like this tractor-mounted auger for loading trucks.
It has an 8-ft. wide or 10-ft wide pto-driven cross auger that feeds grain into an unloading auger which runs alongside the tractor.
The auger attaches to the lower lift arms of the tractor’s 3-pt. hitch and also bolts onto the front and side of the tractor.
It loads grain much faster than a grain vac or front-end loader.
We offer four different models in, 12, and 14-in. diameters.
The 14-in. dia. model can load up to 15,000 bu. per hour while the 12-in. dia. model can handle about  up to10,000 bu. per hour.
All models are equipped with the 8-ft. or 10ft  wide cross auger.
Standard auger length is 30 ft.;and can be extended up to 50 on the 12” and 40’ on the 14”
The auger is raised or lowered by a hydraulic cylinder that operates off tractor hydraulics.
The auger’s unloading spout can be raised as high as 23 ft. depending on auger model and length.
An optional hydraulic-operated, 360 degree rotating grain spout makes it much easier to fill  semis or tractor trailers evenly.
We are discontinuing the 9” and the 11” auger because we can no longer get the main tubing.