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220 Seed Tender

2207-RRedWebRoll Top Model Available
2207-Rwith 7″ Auger

Standard Features

6″ Auger with 5″ Poly Cup Flighting
5.5 HP Honda Engine (Electric Start Optional)
Electronic Variable Speed Throttle Control
2 100 Unit Compartments (front and back)
2 Shut Off Gates in bottom hopper
Sight Glasses to see seed levels
Direct Drive (No Belts!)
Ground Controlled Offset Lid for easy loading
3 Stage Telescoping Spout
Delivers up to 8 bushels per minute
35 degree slope for complete cleanout
Cleanout door at bottom of auger
Forklift loading brackets
Spring loaded auger hinge for easy up and down from ground



Engineered to reach:
John Deere’s Central Commodity System
Case’s Bulk Fill Productivity System
Kinze Center Fill System
CenterFillPlanterShortSpoutWEB2 CenterFillPlanterShortSpoutWEB

Weight: 3,220 Lbs.

220RearViewGreenWEBEasy to open off-set lid for easy loading

Wireless Remote Control comes standard with all
Patriot Seed Tenders

ShutOffGateGreenWEB2Two Shut Off Gates at bottom hopper
One for front compartment and one for rear compartment

GreenLidTieDownWEB7inchLid Tie Down to protect against moisture and critters

CleanOutDoorOpenGreenClean Out Door at bottom of auger for easy clean out

AugerLatchTransportModeGreenWEBAuger Latch for secure transport mode

AugerLatchTransportModeGreenTwoBoxWEBAuger Latch for use mode

HingedAugerGreenWEBSpring loaded 6″ Auger with 5″ poly cup flighting

SightGlassRedWEBSight Glasses to check on seed levels (both compartments)

MotorAndDirectDriveGreenInsideViewWEB5.5 HP Honda Engine (Reliable and Durable)
Direct Drive (No Belts!)

Spring Loaded Top Auger


Our QuickTach Spout Attachment Option Allows You To Switch From One Spout Style To Another Quickly!

NEW! Our new Seed Tender Spout Holster allows you to conveniently store your extra spout, ready to switch with an easy to use QuickTach.


Wired remote available
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Spout Options Below:
Our 6″ Spout For Our 6″ Auger That Puts Out Up To 8 Bushels Per Minute:
6inchRetractedSpoutsWEB 6inchExtendedSpoutsWEB

Our 7″ Spout For Our 7″ Auger That Puts Out Up To 18 Bushels Per Minute:
7inchSpoutsContractedWEB 7inchSpoutsExtendedWEB

Dry Innoculation System

Digi-Star Scale System
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Wet Seed Treater System

Electric Auger Lift