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220-7 Seed Tender

The difference between a 220 and a 220-7 is that the size of the auger. The 220 has a 6″ auger that delivers up to 8 bushels per minute. The 220-7 has a 7″ auger that delivers up to 18 bushels per minute.

Standard Features
7″ Auger with 6″ Poly Cup Flighting
8 HP Honda Engine (Electric Start Optional)
Delivers up to 18 bushels per minute
Electronic Variable Speed Throttle Control
Direct Drive (No Belts!)
2 100 Unit Compartments (front and back)
2 Shut Off Gates in bottom hopper
Sight Glasses to see seed levels
Ground Controlled Roll Top for easy loading
35 degree slope for complete cleanout
Cleanout door at bottom of auger
Spring loaded auger hinge for easy up and down
3 Stage Telescoping Spout (18’ Long or 4’ Short) 
Forklift loading brackets

Our QuickTach Spout Attachment Options Allows You To Switch From One Spout Style To Another Quickly!

NEW! Our new Seed Tender Spout Holster allows you to conveniently store your extra spout, ready to switch with an easy to use QuickTach.
Wired remote available
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