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100C Seed Tender

100 CZ (Deck Unit/Trailer Combined, Not Available With Scales)

100 CZ D (Deck Unit on Trailer,  Available with Scales)

Standard Features

Puts out up to 15 bushels per minute
5.5 HP Honda Engine
Wireless Remote Control
Electric Start
Infinitely Variable Electronic Speed Throttle Control
Holds Two Pro Boxes
Belt Driven
Available in Red and Green

17′ conveyor and spout engineered to fill:
John Deere’s Central Commodity System Case’s Bulk Fill Productivity System Kinze Center Fill System


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The Patriot 100C Seed Tender  has a 6″ tube diameter and 8′ distance from end roller to end roller.  The belt is 8″ wide.  It has 1.25″ cleats molded in a row every 6″.  The rows of cleats fold together as the belt cups in the tube.  They fan out when the belt is flat on the rollers and on the bottom.  There is a clean out door on the base end that is accessible under the motor mount plate.  The conveyor is driven by our standard 5.5hp honda with the 2:1 clutch reduction.  It uses a single V belt drive from the engine.  The hydraulic lift cylinder is driven by a single acting 12v pump and is a self contained system.  The pump is powered by a group 24 battery.  The cylinder also has a flow control valve to allow for a smooth decent of the conveyor.  It is activated up and down by the wireless remote.  It is equipped with our standard 6″ telescoping spout and is available with scales.

Two shut off gates for the bottom hoppers help eliminate waste
Lock Down Bars hold your pro boxes in securely 
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Durable and dependable remote controlled hydraulic conveyor lift


Our QuickTach Option Allows You To Switch From One Spout Style To Another Quickly!

NEW! Our new Seed Tender Spout Holster allows you to conveniently store your extra spout, ready to switch with an easy to use QuickTach.

See Our Spout Options Below:
6″ Spouts for 6″ Augers that put out up to 8 bushels per minute
6inchRetractedSpoutsWEB 6inchExtendedSpoutsWEB


Digi-Star-Scale-Green-WEBDigi-Star Scale System