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Seed Equipment

patriot logo no background3EQUIPMENT

The Patriot bulk and pro box seed tenders are reasonably priced and easy to use.

Standard features:

Durable Honda Engine              Direct drive (Auger Styles) – No belts
Wireless remote control          Shut off gates at bottom hopper
Ground controlled lid            3 stage telescoping spout
CenterFillPlanterShortSpoutWEB2Click Image To Enlarge

Short Spout can accommodate center fill plantersCenterFillPlanterShortSpoutWEB
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Wired Remote System Available
WiredRemote2016ForWebClick To Enlarge

Our QuickTach Option Makes It Easy To Switch From One Spout To Another. Click on the video above to see how easy it is to use our QuickTach.

NEW! Our new Seed Tender Spout Holster allows you to conveniently store your extra spout, ready to switch with an easy to use QuickTach.


Spout Options Below
6″ Spouts for 6″ Augers that put out up to 8 bushels per minute
7″ Spouts for 7″ Augers that put out up to 18 bushels per minute
7inchSpoutsContractedWEB 7inchSpoutsExtendedWEB


Flex Tube Spouts make it even easier to reach center fill planters that have lid openings high off of the groundFlexTubesWeb

100 Z   2 BoxTwoBoxRedWEB7inchClick Image To Enlarge
100 C Z Two Box Conveyor
200 Z   4 Box

110 Z Bulk Seed Tender110RedWEB7inch

220 Z Bulk Seed Tender220RedZWEB7Inch 220GreenWEB

220 Z Roll Top Bulk Seed Tender2207-RRedWeb 2207-RGreenWEB
245 C Z Conveyor

330 Z Bulk Seed Tender