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1302 K Road
Minden, NE 68959

1600S Single Tank Trailer

4 Wheel Steer1600ga31,600 gallon Black Trailer with White Tank and 49″ Tall x 17 1/2″ Wide Tires on a 24″ Rim with bar tread
12.5″ wide x 60″ tall (320/85R38) are also available

Standard Features

Telescoping Tongue
Spring Loaded Tongue
ear Axle Locks for Transport
UHMW Poly Wear Plates
Steerable Front and Rear Axles
Trailer Lights
2 1/2″ King Pin
Slow Moving Vehicle Sign
Greasable King Pin and King Pin Plate
1 Year Warranty on Trailer
3 Year Warranty on Tanks
Fully Drainable Leg Tank


8 Bolt Rim Bolt Hole Pattern on an 8″ Circle

Weight Rating on Trailer:  32,000 Lbs.

Row Spacing:
20″ x 6 Rows    140″ Axle Spacing    10″ Spacer
22″ x 6 Rows    132″ Axle Spacing Trailer Offset 11″    6″ Spacer
30″ x 4 Rows    120″ Axle Spacing    No Spacer Needed
36″ x 4 Rows    144″ Axle Spacing    12″ Spacer
40″ x 4 Rows    160″ Axle Spacing    20″ Spacer

Tire Sizes
(17.5 x 24 tires) (17.5”w x 49”t)
(320/85R38 tires) (12.5”w x 60”t)

pathfi6UHMW Poly Wear Plate On Rear Axle

pathfi5Crossover Tube Assembly Shown in the Articulation Mode

pathfi4Snap Pin Used When Switching Between Transport And Articulation Mode


pathfi3Bolt And Spindle Hub

Pathfi8Crossover Tube Assembly Shown In Transport Mode