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Crop Crimper

The Crop Crimper is designed to kink cover crops, such as cereal rye, in order to terminate or kill it before planting the main cash crop.

The entire assembly weighs 2,375 pounds and is 21.5’ long.

No-till cover crops supply nutrients, build organic matter and prevent soil erosion. The challenge has been in finding the right equipment to knock down and kill the cover crop before planting a regular cash crop.

The Patriot Crop Crimper meets that challenge by allowing farmers to knock down a weed-suppressing cover-crop mat.

The Patriot Crop Crimper can turn cover crops, such as rye and hairy vetch, from lush, standing crops to weed-suppressing mulch that lays down on the ground for no-till farming. This process is perfect for organic farming, with no chemical herbicides involved. No-till can reduce the number of field operations. Just crimp and plant.

The design of the Patriot Crop Crimper uses blades that are fabricated in an angled, or chevron, pattern, instead of parallel blades. This design helps keep the Crimper from bouncing, in order to avoid throwing soil around, and instead leaves soil in place.

 The blades are curved to keep the Crimper from bouncing.  It uses a category-three, three-point-hitch.The frame consists of one 5x7x3/8 main tube and smaller 4x4x1/4 tubing.
It uses a 16” main tube made of 10 gauge steel and 10 4” long blades that are 1/4” steel.

The jack stands are used for storage.

For extra weight, it can be filled with materials, such as water, and it holds approximately 210 gallons.