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Bag Roller

Rolls your used grain bags into a manageable size for ease of recycling or disposal
Mounts to tractor and will roll bags off of the ground or directly off of the grain bag unloader
Easily attaches with existing tractor hydraulics and existing category three point hitch
Convenient hydraulically controlled release
Rolls are accepted by most recycling centers

Can be hooked up to:
-Category II and III Three Point Hitch -Skid Steer Quick Attachment Plate

-Runs Hydraulically through a 3″ cylinder and 150 RPM, 4,000 Ft. Lb. Torque Motor

-Machine Weight: 1,000 LBS

-It can handle a bag that is up to 300ft in length

-Footprint: 5ft wide x 8’6″ long x 5′ Tall

-Roll Size 35″ wide x 46″ Diameter

-Adjustable Legs – hook up and storage

-Greased Rolling  Tensioners – Keeps roll compacted
and also allows for easier bag release

-Roll Twine Tie system

-Heavy Duty #80 chain and sprockets

-Single Point Operation – Both motor and cylinder
ran at the 4 way control valve at the end of the machine

-Requires only 1 hydraulic remote

-1 1/2″ Shaft is bearing supported during
operation to prevent and shaft deflection

-Tapered rolling shaft – easier bag unloading

-Hydraulic Flow Required- 10 Gallons per minute